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From The Rector    

Dear future students of the Technical University of Radom

Welcome to the biggest university of the Radom Region. For more than 50 years we have been creating its history and educating subsequent generations of young people. The Technical University of Radom comprises 6 renowned faculties, 3 of which are of technical profile: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Materials Science and Technology, and Faculty of Transport and Electrical Engineering, whereas Faculty of Art, Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Teacher Training represent the Humanities. Each of them takes pride in a wide offer of educational courses at the highest European level. Students may choose from 15 degree courses and more than 70 specializations. Many of them are unique in Poland. We provide the highest standards of teaching and learning. Our graduates possess the knowledge and skills which allow them to make an immediate contribution in their chosen career in the very difficult and demanding labour market of the 21st century. The very high quality of education has been confirmed for all the degree courses by the Accreditation Board.

We are convinced that the Technical University of Radom is the best choice as the next stage of education. Graduates of our University easily find rewarding positions at the managerial level. In 2006, Newsweek ranked our University in the 19th position among all Polish Universities, and 12th among technical universities. The ranking was created by employers from all over Poland, making our position even more important.

We are very proud of our highly qualified and student friendly academic staff. Three of our Faculties: Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Transport and Electrical Engineering have the right to confer doctoral degrees. We are continuously improving conditions of study by introducing new equipment and modern educational techniques. Our students can benefit from internships in the best companies, the initial stage of a potential career. We are modernizing and up-dating our facilities so that the students can study in a comfortable environment.

Our students can apply for accommodation in one of our 4 residence halls with rooms for 1,200 people. Well equipped 2-3 person rooms are provided with internet access. Each building has a cafeteria.

The ECTS system is fully implemented and used in each Faculty. Thus, students of our University have the possibility to study abroad at different European universities within the 3 Erasmus Program. The study period at a foreign university is fully recognized at the Technical University of Radom. We also accept foreign students within the Erasmus Program, too.

The computerization process of our University has been started. Multimedia stations are placed at each Faculty providing students with easy access to the internet. A virtual dean’s offices and Intranet electronic student identity cards will soon be launched. We are constantly improving our website. Also the Newsletter and short message services have been launched to inform friends of our University about all important events. A well-stocked library with a computerized catalogue containing books, manuals, special collections, Polish and international magazines is also available. In 2007 the new multimedia Central Library of the Technical University of Radom will open. It will enormously facilitate access to general knowledge and professional information published in the latest books and magazines.

Studying does not mean learning only. It is a wonderful period of broadening one’s horizons, meeting new people, learning to work in a team and developing one’s creative skills.

The Technical University of Radom provides great opportunities for its students. After lectures and classes, students can pursue their hobbies and ambitions. They can join students organizations, self-government, any of 36 student scientific associations, sports clubs and the horse-riding club, ensuring our graduates will cherish good memories of their past university life at the Technical University of Radom.

  prof. Mirosław Luft

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